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The Rapid Rise Of Network Camera In China

When need to do Centralized management and remote monitoring, the network camera is the only option! An international airport, as an example of Centralized management ,has 600 points system. If you use of traditional analog CCTV system, it is difficult to control; Far distance system is over 50 km, using traditional analog CCTV systems, such as fiber, Will enable the costs to unacceptable. Network cameras can remote monitoring in any corner of the world through the Internet. Not the same as the analog cameras to be installed coaxial cable, As long as there is the existing network can this network camera work.  System advantages Network camera system has the following advantages: Advanced: It can use the existing integrated cabling network to transfer images. The need quantity of front-end equipment for real-time monitoring system is little. It also needs simple connection and just a back-end software system can do all the work. Reliability: As major equipment for the network camera is embedded real-time operating system, the necessary equipment is simple. And images are transformed by an integrated network cabling, so system’ reliability is very high. Cost performance: because the necessary equipment is extremely simple and the system is in the control of the back-end software systems, it saves many equipments of the traditional analog control system, such as expensive matrix, switches machines. As the image transmission is through an integrated network cabling, it also saves a large number of video coaxial cable, reduced costs. Security: system sets up different popedoms for user, only the most senior authority of users can set or change the entire system. users without popedom cannot receive the images. In addition, the image data is proprietary storage format. Use and maintenance: installation of the system is extremely simple, and software installation and use of the system is also very easy to understand. In the maintenance, the wiring is very simple. Besides the main equipment has high reliability, so it can also achieve long-range maintenance. Expansion and extension: When need to increase surveillance and monitoring, you can only need to increase a video camera or a PC on the existing network but not to change the existing cabling system. Wide-ranging Application: a regional monitoring, such as offices, buildings, etc; trans-regional remote monitoring, chain companies,engine room of large factories, remote elderly, child care, public buildings, environmental monitoring, Branch monitoring of financial institutions, traffic monitoring, identification of false alarms. Network camera application trends After Ethernet technology is mature, too broadband information network will extended the entire network port to the whole building. In addition to providing high-speed Internet access, network camera can replace transmission lines of the copper axis cables image. With digital video compression technology increasingly mature and the popularization of computer, they create conditions for the PC-based multimedia monitor. PC-based multimedia control system has a strong capability, but it only mainly solves the problems of small-scale monitoring. When the transmission distance is long or need to surf on the Internet, the PC-based multimedia monitor has many bugs: the stability is not good enough, power needed is high, need someone on duty, the opening of software is bad. This provide the stage for network video surveillance based on network and embedded technology As is an integration of ordinary cameras and network converters, network camera will convert images to data packets based on the TCP / IP networking standards so that the camera directly delivers screen to the network through the RJ-45 Ethernet interface and then achieves remote Monitor screen through the network. Network cameras use the most advanced camera technology and network technology, so they have a powerful function. Built-in system software can be a real plug and play, so that users dismissed from a complex network configuration; built-in large-capacity memory can store image before the alarm is triggered; built-in I / O ports to facilitate expansion of External peripherals such as: access control systems, infrared sensors. Package (SDK) provided makes it easy for users to quickly develop application software. In recent years, China's video surveillance market achieves rapid development and the overall market size is expanding rapidly, stimulated by the "Green City" project, the Olympic security projects and all localities and industries security project. In 2007, China's overall video surveillance market scale has reached 18.1 billion U.S. dollars, and the future will be sustained and stable rapid development. Along with the rapid development of the market, emerging from the corresponding problems and challenges, but in the process, but also create opportunities for the corresponding

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