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Chinese Digital Camera Market

With the advancement of digital technologies and the growing demand for leisure and entertainment, Chinese digital camera market is experiencing a stage of gradual transition from fast growth to maturity. In recent years, the digital camera market has grown in overall size, while its speed has slowed down. But, thanks to the one-time purchase demand in the process of market penetration, it is still experiencing fast growth. In the past few years, the market has formed a preliminary scale. In the future, it will still have a large room for growth. China Digital Camera Market Size and Forecast 2003-2008 In 2008, Chinese digital camera market continues to maintain a fast growth. All major digital camera brands continue to introduce new products, resulting in increases in product variety and continuous drops in price. This has stimulated the continuous growth of the market. Meanwhile, mainstream vendors have stepped up their advertising publicity and sales promotion efforts. Digital cameras have penetrated into the markets of 3rd and 4th tiers. Market capacity has expanded rapidly. In addition to that convenient digital imaging is gradually favored by consumers, falling product prices are another major driving force for rising sales. Digital cameras are widely used for various applications. Though current technology continuously upgrades digital cameras, price has been falling all along. This has stimulated market growth and made digital camera the main choice for consumers in recent years. Digital camera has been listed in the fast-growing consumer electronics products for several consecutive years. Based on the status of market development, we can forecast that Chinese digital camera market will show the following development features in the next years. 1. Chinese digital camera market will continue to grow fast. 2. As the digital camera market matures and consumers become more practical in their purchase psychology, seasonal variations in digital camera purchases will be increasingly weakened and consumption will be more mature. Driven by promotion and the marketing of new products, increase of sales volume will show a falling trend. 3. Digital cameras will experience a slowdown in pixel upgrade. Cameras with 5~7 megapixels will be in a dominant position in 2007. Similarly, digital cameras will see their display screen size grow bigger. 4. The trend of 3C convergence will be further strengthened. As technology developing rapidly, digital camera products will show a new outlook and see breakthroughs. Digital cameras incorporating with MP3 and video clips recording functions will find favors with young people for their multifunction, fashion, exquisiteness and portability advantages. 5. Chinese digital camera market will be further upgraded. More digital still cameras with high pixels, big zoom and high imaging quality will be sold. Meanwhile, professional and quasi-professional digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR) will be of greater varieties and lower prices as technology progresses. They will be accepted by more families and become a new focus of competition in the market. As all major digital vendors join forces to develop DSLR, competitions in the DSLR market will intensify in the next few years. 6. The home consumption market will be a new growth point in the digital still camera market. Chinese main digital camera market has yet to be opened. Only peripheral markets have been opened. Home-use digital cameras will be a very big market in the future. Currently, Chinese users are aged around 25 on average, apparently younger than traditional camera users in the past. For traditional camera users, one of their main applications is to take photos for their children. Therefore, the potentials of Chinese digital camera market and digital printer market have yet to be fully tapped. Mass digital cameras will become the mainstream in the Chinese market in the future. The home consumption market will be a new growth point in Chinese digital camera market.

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