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Company Overview Since 1985, Climax Technology specializes in high-quality telecommunication products. Security and peace of mind give us the freedom to enjoy life and focus on our goals. This is not a luxury but a basic human need, which we seek to fulfill. Thus, we have spared no effort in designing our Gardsman-brand wireless security products that protect users' homes, families and offices. A Wide Range of Security Solutions Our Gardsman-brand systems reflect the individual needs and concerns of our customers. Our versatile and convenient products are wireless, unobtrusive, simple and quick to install. We also offer a variety of accessories, movable sensors and supervised detectors. Fully Supervised Alarm Systems We utilize the latest technology and a built-in digital dialer for communication with a central monitoring station. Another system option includes a built-in voice dialer that transmits a user's recorded message and telephone number directly for an immediate and efficient response in any emergency. Both systems also feature advanced two-way voice communication and total remote access, so users can have direct communication with their bases and can arm/disarm systems from anywhere. Inquire Today Our policy is to meet and surpass the highest international quality standards and to guarantee a superior level of security for our customers. Contact us today.

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