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Wireless camera is one of the simple image capture device; make use of GSM network and wireless alarm technology. You can control the monitor with your mobile to get the monitoring place image anywhere by MMS, It successfully combine moving detect technology and GSM wireless network transmission technology apply in defense and security area, it break the distance and electrical wire restriction compare with normal defense &security products. Any changes or dangerous in the monitoring place, monitor will notify you by calling, SMS, or MMS etc. It also can dial the pre-set emergency number once the sensor active. GSM Wireless camera will be the leading security product in the future.   Application 1. Use at home:         Install near the door, window, balcony, important drawer or coffer to prevent against theft.         Install inside house to look after the daily life of children or elder.         Detect and remote alarm family accidents, such as the gas leak or fire.         Monitoring the house while family travel. 2. Use in garage to monitoring your private car. 3. Assist to monitor in various location.         Monitor the dead angel of factory or entertainment place.         Monitor the shop, office and finance room during vacation or evening.         Monitor the shop or booth during the owner absence.         Monitor in the atrocious environment, such as stone incision, or spray-paint workshop etc. 4. Work with wireless sensor Max connects 15 pcs wireless sensor (315Mhz), which is widely use in various area. Such as wireless door magnet sensor, infrared body sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor etc.

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